Crystal S. Hornback

Bio: Have you ever fantasized about what your life would be like "when. . . . "? Did your life turn out like your fantasy? If so, awesome for you! Really. For me, life couldn't be further from the little fantasy I dreamed of growing up. From our first home after marriage, to the moment our first child was born, my dreams went flying out of windows like mad, never to look back. Point blank: my life is a circus. And not always the fun kind. Sometimes, even a whiff of cotton candy lingers not, on this crazy train. Balancing this little act has become my reality. But can I tell you a secret? I wouldn't want it any other way. This is my perfectly imperfect life. Sometimes we cry. We argue. We mess up. We fall. But there are also lots of smiles. And there is love. And laughter. And there is music and lots of bad dancing. And. we. love. it. I am: Wife of a Youth Pastor. Mother of three crazy cool kids. Friend. Writer. Lover of Jesus. Coffee & Coca-Cola Drinker. Embracer of this circus life. Jump aboard the crazy train with me.... or simply wave as we pass by... but lets balance this act together.... it's more fun that way!

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